Employee Benefits and Rights

  • Employee Benefits

    Test Rite believes that only employees who feel happy at work can bring customers a touching service experience. Therefore, we are committed to providing employees with the happiest and warmest working environment, so that employees and the company can grow together and move forward.

  • Working Environment and Employees' Safety

    Providing a safe working environment and maintaining the physical and mental health of employees are Test Rite’s long-term goals. We firmly believe that only healthy employees could make the company successful.

  • Retirement Program and its Implementation

    Test Rite’s retirement pension program complies with "Labor Pension Regulations" and follows the government-managed retirement plan. The employees’ pension would be allocated to the individual account of the Labor Insurance Bureau based on 6% of the employee's monthly salary.

  • Measures to prevent sexual harassment

    Test Rite establishes Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures in Place to ensure employees’ rights well protected.

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