CSR Organization and Strategy

We occupy a key position in society. We bring together products that our suppliers produce responsibly and consumers who are looking to improve their quality of life at home. Given our global footprint, we leverage our corporate influence for the social benefit of Taiwan. We have firsthand information of global trends, practices, and regulations, gained from decades of trading business experience. These are valuable operational know-how which we apply for the benefit of society at large. We call on thousands of suppliers to meet the highest industry standards and encourage millions of consumers to support social causes.

CSR Committee

In 2012, we formed a CSR committee under the guidance of our Group President and CEO. All division heads became committee members and play a role in channeling our communications with external stakeholders. The Group’s Public Relations and General Affairs Divisions are responsible for the administrative work, while the Auditing Office takes on the task of monitoring and evaluation. Our CSR engagement takes on three forms, namely people, social, environmental. We strive to improve corporate governance, fulfill corporate commitments, strengthen environmental protection initiatives, and expand social participation.

CSR Vision and Guidelines

Our guiding principle — “Start with Love; Focus on Home” — embodies how we strive to be a positive force in society through our influence on employees, suppliers, and customers (see diagram below).

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