With the rise of the Internet and new technology applications against a background of rising incomes in emerging economies, distances have been shortened and the world, indeed, has become flat. A company can leverage its available talent pool to transcend time and space and achieve a better allocation of resources based on cost, technological, and business environment factors.

At TestRite, our vision is to be a Globally Integrated Enterprise. Rather than focusing on the lowest cost, we aim to pursue resource optimization, deliver quality products and services, and build unparalleled partnerships with our suppliers, business partners, and customers.

Ultimately, our goal is the pursuit of prosperity and sustainable business development. We aim to retain and create value for our stakeholders ― shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, employees, and society at large. As we respond to market conditions and create new opportunities through resources integration and innovation, we also emphasize corporate governance to ensure the transparency of our management practices, the monitoring measures we have in place, and the stability of our organizational operations. This, we believe, is key to our sustainable growth as an organization.

At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, we continue to contribute to the protection of the environment and enhance social welfare.

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