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  • 2021
    601 Works Show the New Energy of Home Design in Taiwan

    After fierce competition, Huang Yuzhen from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Hsu Fangping and Lai Qianchen from Ming Chi Science and Technology University, Tsai Mingzhen and Hsieh Jishu from Nantai Science and Technology University , was finally winning the Gold medal of Interior Design group, Furniture Design group and Product Design group newly added this year in the "Ninth Décor House Awards". There were 601 entries, which not only hit a new high, but the students this year also demonstrated their innovative vision of "home" and their diverse practices in healthy living. Please see the exciting highlights of the competition:

  • 2020
    Supporting National Disaster Prevention Day, TLW Set Up Disaster Prevention Zones Nationwide

    In conjunction with the Disaster Prevention Month of the Ministry of the Interior, TLW stores nationwide have set up special disaster prevention areas to promote various disaster prevention products and strengthen the public's awareness of disaster prevention. Interior Minister Xu Guoyong personally visited the Neihu store for guidance, and awarded TLW afterwards.

  • 2020
    389 Outstanding Works competing for the 8th Décor House Award

    The 8th Décor House Award received a total of 389 works from more than 500 students and 48 design-related subjects of colleges/universities in Taiwan to participate in the competition. After a three-stage selection, one gold, silver, and bronze award winners and the winners of the best creativity, best model, and best prizes for the interior design and furniture design category are confirmed.

  • 2020
    Young Generations Are Emerging with Industry-academic cooperation

    The 8th Décor House Award pioneered the "Industry Professional Individual Counseling System", on top of continuing to recruit industry experts to form a judging panel. All students whose works advance to the finals are eligible to receive individual in-depth guidance delivered by the instructors of judging panel. They all are experts equipped with rich experiences and cultivation in Taiwan's design industry, hoping to gather experience and strength of the industry and academia to develop design talents in line with the industry.

  • 2020
    Décor House Award Showcases the Passion of Rookies in Home Design

    The 8th Décor House Award was held on June 13th and 14th with a two-day final and awarding ceremony. After fierce competition, the first-year student Wu Wei kai from the Department of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science, and the undergraduate students Yu Zhi Feng and Wei Yi Han from Ming Chi University of Technology stood out and won gold medals in the interior design and furniture design category respectively. Although this year's event was delayed due to the pandemic for two months, the organizer and the finalists still persisted to the end and fully demonstrated their enthusiasm for home design.

  • 2019
    Cultivate Potential Talents for the Retail Logistics Industry

    Cooperating with KPMG, we led students from the Accounting Department of National Taiwan University to visit Test Rite’s Logistics Center for experience exchange and sharing to help young students better understand the development of the retail logistics industry and cultivate potential talents for the industry.

  • 2018
    TLW’s Pingzhen Store Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Power Saving Promotion

    TLW’s Pingzhen Store cooperated with Taoyuan City Government for power saving promotion campaign and was awarded a certificate of appreciation.

  • 2018
    TLW’s Shilin Store Awarded the E-invoice Outstanding Business

    TLW’s Shilin Store was awarded by the Taipei National Taxation Bureau of the Ministry of Finance as "Excellent Business Using Electronic Invoices in 107".

  • 2018
    TLW’s Shilin Store Honored the Taipei Energy Conservation Leadership Award

    TLW’s Shilin Store was awarded the ``2018 Taipei Energy Conservation Leadership Award-Class B Excellence Award in Business and Industry'' by the Taipei City Government.

  • 2018
    TLW Awarded Promotion King of the Taipei Energy Conservation Season

    TLW was awarded "Taipei Energy Conservation Season-Energy Conservation Promotion King" by Taipei City Government.

  • 2018
    TLW’s Shilin Store won the National Power Saving Sports Competition

    TLW’s Shilin Store won the "2018 National Power Saving Campaign-Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Power Saving Competition" by Taipower Corporation.

  • 2018
    TLW’s Nankan Store Recognized on Outstanding Performance in Cloud Invoices Promotion

    TLW’s Nankan Store was awarded the “Fifth Place in 107 Outstanding Performance Award for Promotion of Business Issuing Cloud Invoices” by the National Taxation Bureau of the Northern District of the Ministry of Finance.

  • 2017
    Energy Conservation Month

    TLW and HOLA were recognized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs for participating in the 2017 Energy Conservation Month and a series of summer community activities. Their efforts were awarded by Premier Lin Chuan.

  • 2016
    Award for Energy Conservation

    The TLW Bade Store participated in the Taoyuan City Service Industry Energy Conservation Challenge and won the Excellence Award from the city’s government.

  • 2016
    Water Conservation Award

    In response to the Water Resources Agency's conservation policies, TLW promoted water-conservation equipment as a special category of products that feature the Water Conservation Mark. Our efforts were recognized with the Promotion of Water Conservation Award, which was presented by Administrative Deputy Minister Yang Wei-Fu of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2015
    Award from the Water Resources Agency of Taiwan

    In response to the Water Resources Agency's water-conservation policies, TLW offered promotional prices on products certified with the water-conservation mark, thereby raising public awareness of the certification. TLW was awarded the "Merit for Promoting Water Conservation," which was announced by Director Rui-de Wang of the Water Resources Agency at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2014
    Water-efficiency Product Event

    TLW was commended for its certified water-efficient product promotions in association with the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • 2014
    Energy-efficiency Product Event in Taipei

    For the seventh consecutive year, TLW was commended by the Taipei City Government with an award for outstanding achievement in promoting energy-efficient products. TLW has been the only retailer to receive the award for seven consecutive years. The latest award was presented by Taipei City Deputy Secretary-General, Lin Wan-Fa.

  • 2013
    S*mart and a “Friendly Place for the Elderly” (銀髮友善好站)

    Designed specifically for the elderly and meeting the standards prescribed for elderly care by the Department of Social Welfare of the Taipei City Government, S*mart’s products were awarded by Taipei City Mayor, Hau Lung-Pin.

  • 2012
    “Saving Electricity in the Summer Months” (夏月節電中)

    TLW and HOLA embraced the Bureau of Energy’s campaign to raise public awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction. The companies took the initiative to enhance the effectiveness of store operations and provided green products and services.

  • 2012
    Energy-labeling Product Initiative

    TLW committed to becoming a premier green store by taking the lead in stopping the selling of incandescent bulbs, promoted variable-frequency air conditioners that save energy, encouraged the energy labeling of products, and much more. TLW leveraged its distribution channels to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in line with the Taipei City Government’s promotional campaigns.

  • 2012
    Support for Public Housing

    Test Rite Group worked with the Taipei City Government to actively promote public housing and provided decorating samples and product discounts to public housing residents near MRT Wanlong Station. In recognition, Taipei City Mayor, Hau Lung-Pin, awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

  • 2011
    “Energy Saving is Fun” (全民瘋節能)

    TLW and HOLA took part in the Bureau of Energy’s campaign to raise public awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction. The companies took the initiative to enhance the effectiveness of store operations and provided green products and services.

  • 2010
    Donations to Fu Jen Catholic University

    Test Rite Group received a Certificate of Appreciation from Fu Jen Catholic University for its donation of campus facilities, which was presented by Chien-chiu Li, the President of Fu-Jen Catholic University.

  • 2010
    Taipei International Flora Expo Partner

    Test Rite Group received the Taipei International Flora Expo Partner Certificate of Appreciation from the Taipei City Government, which was presented by Taipei Deputy Mayor, Allen Chiu.

  • 2010
    Carbon-reduction Implementation Plan

    Test Rite Group participated in the opening ceremony of an event organized by CommonWealth Magazine and hosted by President Ma Ying-jeou to promote the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions. Our Group’s CEO, Sophia Tong, urged all employees to support the energy-conservation and carbon-reduction implementation plan.

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