TLW was the first to focus on the DIY market in Taiwan. We offer a variety of home-related products and services and have become consumers’ top choice for home improvement solutions. With a selection of more than 30,000 home improvement and decoration products, TLW caters to all types of customer demands. All TLW’s stores have designated staff to help customers on-site, as well as service centers that provide customized services for home construction projects.

Our mission is to offer the best solutions for home improvement by helping customers create their ideal home environment. We strive to integrate products, displays, services, systems, and processes to improve our service quality. The customer experience in our stores is guided by the following principles: “Simple to choose” ― simply make your choice and get what you want; “Easy to buy” — easy checkout makes the buying experience effortless; and “Exciting experience” — get fresh inspiration and enjoy the excitement of discovery. We are committed to be the preferred choice for customers as we help them realize their dream homes.

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Since 1996
Member over 5 million
Brand Position Leading brand in professional home improvement products and services
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