Our Retail Group consists of multiple channel brands, including TLW, HOLA,HOLA Petite, HOLA CASA, S*mart, Live for Nature, DÉCOR HOUSE, TR DESIGN, Good Helper Union, and TLW PLUS. Since the opening of the first TLW store in 1996, our Retail Group has opened over 100 stores in Taiwan and China providing hundreds of thousands of home-related products and services to customers every day, which number more than 10 million members while annual turnover has exceeded USD500 million.

Our founders and chairpersons, Tony Ho and Judy Lee, have upheld the principle of “Start with Love; Focus on Home” to nurture two leading retail brands: TLW for hard furnishings and HOLA for soft furnishings. We go a step further and offer integrated home improvement and decoration services under the following brands: TR DESIGN, DÉCOR HOUSE, and Good Helper Union for lifetime maintenance services; S*mart for distinctive home-related products for the elderly; Live for Nature which promotes natural healthy products; TLW PLUS for community-based home improvement services; HOLA Petite, a concept store focusing on bedding, bathing and dining ideas. By centering on a home-related business model, the goal of our Retail Group is to realize our corporate vision: “We’ll always be here to take care of you and your home.”

We believe that the home is the most important place in our lives and we treat customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders as family members. Rooted in integrity, accountability, and humility, our Retail Group is committed to providing more innovative products and services to our customers, build trust with one another, do our part in corporate social responsibility, and create the greatest happiness for families.


以愛為始 以家為本


以愛為始 以家為本

HOLA Petite


Decor House

以愛為始 以家為本

Live for Nature

Home Service

以愛為始 以家為本


以愛為始 以家為本

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