From 1978, the Test Rite Trading Group has been the foundation of the Test Rite Group. The Test Rite Trading Group has more than 4,000 suppliers covering America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, India and China. Annual shipments amount to about 400 million U.S. dollars from 6 business sectors: Seasonal, Outdoor Hard-line & Auto, Home Product Line & Deco, Indoor Furniture, SIT&BBQ. In addition, in recent years, we have emphasized the Agency business.

Trading, agency and import are our 3 business models. Most of our revenue comes from the Trading business and major buyers are in Europe and America. We provide customized services for our key buyers, such as sales forecasts, annual schedules for regional commodities, decorations, and design. We’ve also created an information platform to link buyers’ inventory management systems, and we can also take care of after-sales services over the phone. The Test Rite Trading Group is the best partner to provide the highest value-added services.

Another business model is the agency development. Several large clients intended to set up their own purchasing offices in Asia. We persuaded these clients to list their procurement items with us and we could do other work for them. This was a win-win solution, with clients outsourcing their business to us, while saving the costs of manpower.

Regarding the import business model, it should be noted that increased purchasing power is driving the expansion of the emerging markets in Asia, such as China. In the past, traders sold products from Asia Pacific to Europe and America. Obviously this situation will be reversed in the near future. We are lucky to have a long-term relationship with customers and now even work together with some well-known manufacturers around the world. There are other famous brands in Europe and America. If they want to enter the China market, the Test Rite Trading Group will be the best partner for those enterprises.

As a forward-looking company, the Test Rite Trading Group will become the most outstanding supplier of home-related products and services in Asia, and a perfect business partner for European and American firms. We provide one-stop shopping solution for our customers by using our offices worldwide to provide global sourcing at the best quality and the most reasonable price.

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Since 1978
6 Business Sectors
Seasonal Gardening, X’mas deco accessories
Outdoor Outdoor furniture
Hard line & Auto Power and Hand tools, Auto accessories, Auto parts and New Business Development
Home Product Line & Deco Bathing and Storage, Kitchenware, Home Deco accessories, Luggage and Travel accessories
Indoor Furniture Indoor furniture and Stationary, Office Supplies
SIT & BBQ Electrical and LED lighting, Sport and Camping equipments, Computer accessories, BBQ
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