Since 1978, our Trading Group has been the foundation of Test Rite. The Trading Group has more than 4,000 suppliers covering North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, India, and China. Annual shipments amount to about USD400 million based on 5 business segments: Hardline & Auto, Seasonal, Bath & Storage, Home Furnishing, and Electrical & Lighting. Meanwhile, our agency business has risen in prominence in recent years.

Trading, agency and imports are our three main business models. A substantial part of our overall revenues comes from the Trading business with major buyers in Europe and North America as our clients. We provide customized services, including sales forecasts, annual schedules for regional commodities, decorations, and product design. We also have an information platform to link buyers’ inventory management systems, and we can take care of after-sales services over the phone as well. Our Trading Group is the partner of choice to provide the highest value-added services.

Our Agency business services large clients who had previously considered setting up their own purchasing offices in Asia. As an alternative, we persuade them to list their procurement items with us while we also offer other complementary services. This is a win-win solution, with clients outsourcing their business to us, while saving substantial manpower costs.

Regarding the imports business, increased purchasing power is driving growth of emerging markets in Asia, especially China. While in the past, traders mainly sold products from Asia to Europe and North America, the pendulum has swung the other way. We are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend, given our long-term relationships with customers. As such, we are ideally suited to work with leading global manufacturers and renowned brands in Europe and North America looking to enter the China market.

As the leading home-goods trading company in Asia, our Trading Group is a perfect business partner for European and American brands, as we make full use of our offices worldwide to provide a one-stop shopping solution for global sourcing with unmatched price and quality.


China Import and Export Fair Form

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