Public Welfare

  • 2021
    Support the Establishment of a Homeless House Repair Team to Equip them Skills

    Lezhi is an association focusing on serving homeless people. In addition to the monthly care and visits, they also actively train the homeless people in their skills and employment, so that they have the opportunity to escape the life in street. Recently, Test Rite sponsored the homeless house repair team to fix the houses for the elder living alone, under the leadership of master workers and a homeless friend, Ah Cheng, who knows about water and electricity. It is hoped that by helping disadvantaged elders, homeless people will have the opportunity to let the society see their abilities and raise funds for the team. Please visit the touching film:

  • 2020
    Test Rite Loves to Share, Adopting Christmas Wishes for three Consecutive Years

    On Christmas 2020, Test Rite Group once again joined hands with the World Peace Association to organize a Christmas wish adoption event, gathering employees from Taiwan headquarters and stores to adopt the Christmas wishes written by the children themselves. TR’s employees have blessed to prepare special Christmas gifts, and help a total of 771 children in 14 cities of Taiwan to realize their aspirations for life and study; more than 2,100 gifts have been given over the past three years.

  • 2020
    HOLA x agoood x People with Constrained Physical and Mental Ability Co-branded to Support for the "Flip Talent Project"

    HOLA, working together with agoood social enterprises and the physically and mentally constrained, launched the "Flip Talent Project". The three parties cooperated to launch co-branded products for public welfare. The physically and mentally constrained and agoood jointly created childlike images, and then HOLA Products Planning team designed 12 practical home living products.

  • 2020
    The First Time! Energy-saving Knowledge X DIY Courses, Summer Learning of Disadvantaged Children Not Interrupted!

    Combining energy-saving knowledge and DIY learning, TLW and the Taipei Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce collaborated for the first time to held the charity event of "Taipei Energy-saving Season X TLW DIY Space Professional Experiencing Camp" in this summer vacation, aiming to get more people’s attention to the learning resources of disadvantaged children, and hope they are willing to join DIY and protect the earth.

  • 2019
    27 Repair Service Plans Making Strong Contributions and Idle items Donated through the Love Box

    Test Rite once again called on colleagues across Taiwan to carry out the HOME Project this year. We cooperated with the Family Support Foundation, with the assistance of relevant social welfare experts, and leveraging the group’s unique repair expertise and core capabilities, to help 27 disadvantaged families. Children, including single-parent families, low-income households, and childcare institutions that accommodate disadvantaged children, own a healthy and safe living environment.

  • 2018
    Test Rite’s Volunteer Day【HOME Project】Improving the Home Space of Disadvantaged Students

    At the 40th anniversary of Test Rite Group, our colleagues showed their new energy together and launched a new type of volunteer service [HOME project], which mobilized colleagues to make DIY repairs and improve the home space of disadvantaged students.

  • 2017
    TLW Volunteer Day Holding an Umbrella for the Little Tree, and the Environment of Writing Homework Becoming Bright and Comfortable

    Test Rite’s employees from north to south have simultaneously created better reading environment for disadvantaged children in Taiwan, leveraging their strengths to repair and decorate the after-school classrooms in cities and rural areas, so that the space for children to write and review homework becomes more comfortable and warm.

  • 2016
    Sponsorship of the GFC Foundation

    Test Rite Group has partnered with the GFC Foundation for 12 consecutive years and sponsored its youth charity car wash.

  • 2016
    Volunteering with the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation for 7 Consecutive Years

    Staff from the TLW Hualien Store have served as corporate volunteers for 7 consecutive years and helped communities with home repairs.The store was presented with a Letter of Appreciation from the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation.

  • 2016
    Volunteer Day for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

    For 6 consecutive years, Test Rite Group's Volunteer Day event has helped children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company called on more than 570 volunteers to undertake in 32 volunteering projects in 13 cities/counties throughout Taiwan, including doing repair work at Xiao-Lin Elementary School in Kaohsiung. Our aim is to build a nurturing environment for children, and our efforts have been recognized by disadvantaged groups and charity organizations.

  • 2016
    Tainan Earthquake Disaster Relief

    In the aftermath of a major earthquake in Tainan, Test Rite Group swiftly donated various material resources in coordination with the needs of the Disaster Response Center, and was awarded a Letter of Appreciation presented by Premier San-cheng Chang and Tainan City Mayor, Ching-te Lai.

  • 2015
    Volunteering with the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation for 6 Consecutive Years

    TLW's Hualien Store has served as corporate volunteers for 6 consecutive years, providing home repairs to the elderly who live alone. TLW was awarded a certificate of gratitude from the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation.

  • 2015
    Volunteer Day to Kicked Off the “LED” Volunteer Plan

    Test Rite Group held Volunteer Day events around Taiwan for 5 consecutive years. This year, for the first time, we focused on helping children from disadvantaged families. The Group announced that it would be kicking off the “LED” (Love Every Day) Volunteer Plan, which is a three- to five-year philanthropic initiative. The company called on 600 employees to undertake 34 volunteer projects in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan. This initiative was widely appreciated by disadvantaged groups and welfare institutions across the country.

  • 2014
    Volunteering with the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation for 5 Consecutive Years

    TLW's Hualien Store has served as corporate volunteers for 5 consecutive years. Members of our staff provided home repairs to the elderly who live alone. TLW was awarded a certificate of gratitude from the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation.

  • 2014
    National Volunteer Day for 4 Consecutive Years

    On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, 700 of our employees volunteered their home repair skills at TLW and home decoration expertise at HOLA to perform 40 volunteer projects for the benefit of elderly people living alone, minority families, and social welfare institutions, including children’s shelters, nursing homes, and centers for the disabled. All in all, the volunteers shared much joy with minority groups around the country.

  • 2014
    Emergency Water and Electrical Repair Station

    To help repair damages caused by the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions, Test Rite Group set up an emergency water and electrical repair station at the TLW Da-shun Store, providing free examination and repairs of water and electricity lines to those afflicted by the disaster.

  • 2013
    Volunteering with the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation for 4 Consecutive Years

    The Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation accorded the TLW Hualien Store with a certificate of gratitude for serving as a corporate volunteer and providing home repairs to the elderly who live alone.

  • 2013
    "Power Walking for a Healthy Mind” (健走‧憶起GO!)

    In support of the elderly suffering from dementia problems, Test Rite Group joined this charity event organized by Allianz and was awarded a Certification of Appreciation by the Foundation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia.

  • 2013
    Kanjiao Elementary School Renovations

    Test Rite Group launched Volunteer Day in 2013 across Taiwan and engaged in many projects. Volunteers helped schools, institutions, and under-served families in remote areas with renovations, cleaning, and helped with children’s studies. For its efforts, the group was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Pei-Yan Chen, the principal of Kanjiao Elementary School in New Taipei City.

  • 2013
    12th Annual Chinese Christian Relief Association

    Over the years, Test Rite Group has participated many times in the Association’s “1919 Assistance Challenge” (1919愛走動─救助挑戰營) and was again awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Jong-Jian Shiah, the Association’s secretary general.

  • 2013
    Child Care Center in Pingtung County

    TLW took practical action to help residents and minority groups in remote areas with air conditioning and facility upgrades and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Child Care Center in Pingtung County.

  • 2012
    “Afternoon Smile” (午安微笑) fundraising event

    Test Rite Group sponsored the Chinese Christian Relief Association to host a large-scale annual fundraising event. We successfully raised around NT$40 million for the benefit of families in emergency situations and the children of minority groups.

  • 2012
    Fundraising for the Chinese Christian Relief Association

    As part of Volunteer Day, Test Rite Group supported the Association’s Study Plan Companion for the children of minority families.

  • 2011
    Volunteer Day

    Test Rite Group’s Volunteer Day campaign sponsored an after-school study program for disadvantaged students organized by the Chinese Christian Relief Association.

  • 2010
    Support to Hualien County

    TLW received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation for providing logistics and volunteer support to the local community in Hualien County.

  • 2010
    Youth Support

    TLW and HOLA received a Certificate of Appreciation from the GFC Foundation for supporting several charity events. TLW and HOLA’s efforts over the years to help the youth have included providing them with jobs and establishing a youth shelter in Nantou County.

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