Founder's message

“I help to create many perfect husbands in Taiwan.”

― Tony Ho, Chairman of Test Rite Group

Test Rite Group is the leading retailer of home-related products and services in Taiwan. In 1978, my wife, Judy, set up a trading company with five people. I joined later and we expanded our business. By 2010, we had over 6,000 employees and our annual turnover increased from USD2 million to over USD1 billion. Judy and I never imagined that Test Rite would become the large corporation that it is today.

The key to this growth was the expansion of our business from trading to the retailing of home-related products and services. In 1996, we started TLW Taiwan as a joint venture with the UK’s Kingfisher Group to focus on the DIY market, which was a first in Taiwan. We then developed another brand, HOLA, to focus on the home decoration market. TLW and HOLA have become two strong pillars underlying our achievements in Taiwan’s home-related market.

In both trading and retailing, the secret to our success lies in unity. Working closely together when we started out as a small trading company, our organization revolved around a corporate culture of “Love as our foundation and a happy family as our goal.” In other words, Test Rite is a big family and our employees are very close to us. Our staff often go together on trips with their families alongside. And it’s thanks to Judy for keeping such a strong family bond.

People enjoy DIY when they buy from TLW and HOLA. So I think we’ve contributed in a very personable way to Taiwan’s society by helping to create many perfect husbands.

Creating Happiness with Simplicity and Stability

―Judy Lee, Chairwoman of Test Rite Group Trading Company

As part of cultivating sustainable management, we hire many young people. When I see them, I like to greet them, ask how they’re doing, and cheer them on.

Tony and I play different roles in the company. He is like a general while I play the role of a patron saint. When Tony is working hard outside, I’m like a mother protecting the corporate family. With honesty and integrity at our core, we strive to pass these values to future generations and sustain the growth momentum of our company.

I founded our initial trading company when I was 28 years old. It was very rare for a woman to run a company in those early days. I didn’t have much financial resources, but I had an affable attitude. I decided to focus on the home industry and came to know the insiders of the hardware business. Over the years, we’ve become old friends and to this day they still call me the “hardware queen.”

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a family. Over the years, I’ve come to the view that simplicity, stability and security are the most important elements in life. We embody these concepts in our DIY products, so consumers of our products can easily renovate their homes with our bathroom accessories, kitchenware, floor products, and much more. This not only rejuvenates their homes but also allows them to enjoy an entirely new experience with DIY.

As our business grows, we have taken up a greater share of social responsibility. As part of our holistic approach to a happy family, we introduced life-long maintenance services. We were the first to do this, and we look to extending them to other markets, too. I hope that when people want to do something home-related, Test Rite is the first thought that comes to mind. That’s always something I look forward to.

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